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LÉA (“Lay-Uh”) THE LEOX, might just be getting started, but her journey is already one filled with great promise. The Brockton (MA) native, has made her way to Los Angeles where she is quickly making her mark as a multi-genre artist. Her captivating and introspective music is rooted in Classic R&B - weaving soul, pop, and folk together to create her unique, timeless sound. This can be heard in her debut EP “Purpose” which was released via Genius Distro.The 6 song project is a reflection of her personal growth as she goes through the trials and tribulations of her early 20s. The EP debuted at #1 on Audiomack’s Global and R&B charts. LÉA’s breathtaking and emotional delivery has landed her on multiple editorials including the cover of Spotify’s Fresh Finds R&B. As she makes her return from joining Mariah Carey on her Christmas tour, she is prepping for a busy 2024. Starting with the release of a Live Acoustic EP, and going on her first tour as a solo artist, there’s a lot to anticipate from LÉA THE LEOX this year.

Mgmt and Booking Inquiries: Sandra Dib
s[email protected]

Press Inquiries: Andrea Higgings
[email protected]

General Inquiries:
[email protected]

Excited to talk to ya !

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