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LÉA (“Lay-Uh”) THE LEOX is the next artist you should know. Born in Brockton, MA to musician parents, LÉA was immersed in the music industry since childhood. Their influence contributed to her captivating presence in the studio and on stage; LÉA recalls “growing up I spent a lot of time at rehearsals and studio sessions. It shaped my love for music and showed me the amount of work required to become successful”. Taking her natural creativity and inspiration from her parents' careers, LÉA graduated from Berklee College of Music and moved to LA to pursue her own artistry.


Honest, Introspective, and refined; LÉA uses real life as inspiration in her writing. Being a queer woman of color, representation and empowerment are very important to her. In a male-dominated industry, LÉA owns her identity and sexuality, masterfully producing fresh takes on everyday themes. LÉA embodies being a “baddie” without taking herself too seriously.


Combining elements of R&B, Pop and folk, LÉA THE LEOX strives to bring true artistry back to the forefront. Vulnerable yet empowering, transient yet passionate, LÉA's lyrics touch on the duality of the human experience.


After a long journey of self discovery, LÉA feels like she’s finally stepping on the right path of being the artist she’s meant to be and is ready to share her music with the world.

Mgmt and Booking Inquiries: Sandra Dib
s[email protected]

Press Inquiries: Andrea Higgings
[email protected]

General Inquiries:
[email protected]

Excited to talk to ya !

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